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Understanding Your Future Masters: Excel Saga Overview Part 5

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Hmm… solo Egala pix are so hard to find online.

Volume 10
Mission 1: Excel and Hyatt continue their declaration of conquest. This time visiting a department store. The find it dead inside and rally up the employees in the name of Il Palazzo. The employees remark that their closing because of the recession Japan is in and soon believe Excel and Hyatt are from corporate there to liven their spirits for a big last day sale. They are interrupted when the Daitenzin, a power ranger looking task force of Kabapu(names from Rikdo earlier work) shows up like they(er, Iwata at least) did at the end of volume 9. Iwata takes things to far trying to zap the fleeing Across girls and blowing up the store.

Mission 2: Egala returns to join Excel and Hyatt for lunch. Excel brings her up to date with the campaign as well as the mysterious power ranger-like people who show up to cause them problems. Egala talks about fighting back and mentions she’s good with a sword to the shock of Excel, who pretty much thinks of Egala as useless. Egala also recalls hearing, from Il Palazzo, that Hyatt was an excellent sharpshooter. In a moment of self-doubt Excel exclaims: "See, El and Ha-Chan are your basic military type. One look at their brutal faces tell you they know first hand the ruthless ways of war! I, on the other hand, am more your civilian, secretary of defense type. Planner! All-around player! Big shot!”

Elsewhere Iwata and Watanabe are working on the weekend, get a glimpse of Kabapu’s attempt at having his own uniform like his subordinates, just not of the same style. Ridiculous sci-fi space b-movie villain type.

Back to the main story has all three girls at HQ and Il reprimands Excel for not being aware of her juniors (she is, after all, Senior Excel) skills. Briefly talk about Daiteenzin needing to be eliminated and Il mentions “he” making a mistake, no doubt speaking of Kabapu. Also they comment on Excels attributes like wisdom(?), courage, and great climber(reference to being able to get out of Il’s pits). Yet, Excel doesn’t believe those are her qualities and its easy to see she feels less then adequate in her group.

Mission 3: Excel leaves. This leaves Egala to have to deal with Hyatts accidental attempts at death. First time is a bit shocking , including an assumption that Excel did this as she is yet unaware of her senior leaving, but starts to get the hang of it. Watanabe drops by unannounced at Sumiyoshis and finds a crying young girl with Sumiyoshi. Worst case scenario goes through his head until he finds out that’s Sumiyoshi’s sister , enter Iwata dropping by and the two being shocked at how she looks nothing like her brother. If you’ve seen the pictures I’ve laid, Sumiyoshis the rounder of the three, with the glasses and that unflinching grimace. Here. The trio, Matsuya drops by to return a game, meet the family. The father has more similarities to his daughter then his son but all three speak in the manga the same way-outside balloons or captions. This of course to show partly their regions dialect, that and the way the translators do the wording of their sentences. The mother however looks like Sumiyoshi but speaks in word balloons. Excel returns to the city week later after some training but before she returns home she overhears Egala and Hyatt doing very much fine without her so Excel decides not to return.

Mission 4: Shiouji asks for a picture of Sumiyoshis sister, which scares Sumiyoshi sense he was trying to keep his sister a secret. Especially knowing Shiouji has a fondness for the beauty of young girls. He explains he can monitor from Iwatas head. If you missed earlier summaries, Iwata is now a cyborg. Sumniyoshi agrees before going off to meet Kabapu whose summoned his staff. Excel wanders the streets of Fukuoka trying to regain her confidence. Excel passes by a store where the TV in the window briefly shows a clip of Hyatt. Excel recognizes she’s at the soccer stadium and probably continuing their propaganda attacks, declaring Across the rulers of the city. She talks herself to going to the stadium and helping out. There, she finds Iwata-Ranger attacking Hyatt while Egala was in the control room broadcasting her. Excel shows up in time to rescue Hyatt and once again turns crowd against Iwata(much like mission 5 of volume 9. Iwata blows up the stadium lights and they fall onto him. Iwata’s teammates are not present with him.

Kabapu: Why didn’t the rest of you go into action?

Watanabe: Didn’t you watch what happened?

Matsuya: Have you ever seen the thugs and yobos that go to soccer games?

At Across HQ Il Palazzo praises Excel for showing up when she did-before he reprimands her for absence without leave.

Mission 5: Watanabe celebrates Hyatt(or Ms. Chigusa Ayasugi to him) saying hello to him by his name by inviting Iwata and Sumiyoshi over for drinks. He drops of some sake to Hyatt and her roommates who also get drunk. Excel admits she hasn’t drank sense working construction jobs and Egala mentions she use to work as a waitress at one time. Secretly Egala is trying to get Excel drunk so she can see how she acts, or to watch her collapse. Hyatt handles her alcohol like a pro while Egala starts getting weird, trying to cook Mince and then grabbing on Excel. Eventually Excel passes out with Egala barely staying up as Hyatt just sort of watches. The next morning the three find out most their money is gone.

Bonus Mission: Normally I don’t say anything because they are not cannon(continuity if you will) but it was a fun school story of Excel and Egala done up to pass off as foreign exchange students and set on a bunch of athletic competitions for school because Americans are naturally better athletes(Rikdo’s sarcasm). Funny little story.

Volume 11
Mission 1: In a drunken stupor, Egala went to the apartments ATM and took the money. She denies it but all the clues are there, her shoes awry by the door, security video at the ATM(called apartment owner, call went to Kabapu’s secretary Momochi, and gave description). Eventually Egala, believing at first it was a dream, tells what happened. She took the money and wandered into a restaurant about to close. They gave her a free meal and she left the money accidentally. They thought it was a tip-reopened store and became a chain. So some people had a happily ever after. Remember, this is the big sum Il left them with-around 9 million yen now gone.

Mission 2: Watanabe needs money. Excel is extremely tired as she’s been working every part time job she can get. During a special evaluation Watanabe explains why he’s been so desperate for money. Asking co-workers for loans and selling his(and Sumiyoshis) furniture and appliances. Watanabe explains he’s trying to help his neighbor Upon hearing this, Kabapu is touched and says he’ll help. Deducting money from his checks to payback his help. He then deposits 10 Million yen into Hyatt and companies account to the shock of Watanabe. Hyatt says she’ll try paying him back.

Mission 3: Matsuya and Iwata are trapped in a cave, victims of a harsh blizzard. The two were meant to rendezvous with staff at a certain location but now are stuck together with Matsuya having a broken leg and Iwata slowly losing energy. Matsuya keeps speaking so she can keep from falling onto a deep slumber. She reminisces about their time working together and when the met in college. Iwata eventually loses power and Matsuya starts opening up, knowing his not listening, about how he is generally an okay person. Also talks about trying to make chocolate for him but couldn’t so she bought Pockeys which happened way abck in Volume 5 Mission 2. Iwata and Matsuya are founded out by Shiouji and Ropponmatsu II. When Matsuya comes through she finds out Shiouji heard everything she said-and now she wants him to erase those from his head.

Mission 4: The story of how Egala was working on a fishing ship, got shipwrecked, survived traps and savages to retrieve a buried treasure. Only to come home with the one brick she could take. Excel doesn’t believe her story. Hyatt apparently has a plan to fence said gold. Back at Across HQ Egala is reprimanded.

Mission 5: Watanabe mopes in his home but soon finds some old lotto tickets. Looking to find out if they were winners Ropponmatsu II informs him that one indeed is. He tries redeeming them but transportation and communication problems lead him to despair some more.

Mission 6: Its morning in the across household and as the begin their day it becomes apparent that Egala has gained some weight as she can’t fit into her regular clothes. This leads into the trio discussing possible new uniforms. They talk about the pros and cons of weight, color, mobility and disguise. Discussing masks and helmets Egala has very valid point: “See, the problem with a helmet is that it’s just not cute. Because the most important thing for me… is to look gorgeous!”

They debate dressing in a similar fashion to lord Il palazzo but abandon that notion. They also discuss how their current uniforms were provided to them and wonder about what they do not know about the Across organization.

Mission 7: The Department of Environmental Security is sent out in the heavy rain to rescue a little girl trapped in a car that’s down in the flooded channel. The team send Ropponmatsu I to serve as the rescuer. She retrieves the girl but afterwards gets swept away. The normal rescue team is worried but Ropponmatsus co-workers tell him not to worry and for their team to just go home. During which Iwata is swept away trying foolishly to rescue Roppon(let’s call her One-chan from now on). They decide to leave the retrieval to Prof. Shiouji. As Watanabe says, “Well, it’s like I told you on the way over here, never send a bunch of file clerks to do a mad scientists job.”

Several days later Iwata and Ropponamatsu II(Second-chan) are out and about and run into a building fire. Iwata and Second-chan to the rescue the two waitress’ stuck inside, who incidentally are Excel and Hyatt(keeping the tem million yen in reserve so no future screw ups). Iwata tosses second-chan in to do the job.

Iwata: You see I, or at least certain small, grey bits of me, are a living thing! And life is infinitely precious!

Second-Chan: But, gee, Iwata, it sure looks hot in there.

Iwata: you on the other hand, are a soulless, short skirted, disposable automation!

Second-Chan: Wow! Is this what it means to be human?

Not that their help does anything because excel and Hyatt escape through an air duct and Iwata has to go in and retrieve Second-Chan anyway. Egala returns home to see Hyatt charred, then suddenly up and about shedding the charred remains.

Mission 8: Shiouji objects to how the Ropponmatsu units are being used. Having each body perform a dangerous task that that the other unit is required to do. Kabapu wants him to create a third body that can do both units respective tasks and Shiouji sarcastically writes off Kabapu’s request. At Across HQ Excel tries bringing up Hyatts ability to revive but Il Palazzo disregards the question and inquires about the recent fire at the location Excel and Hyatt were working. He praises her because the building had faulty disaster control and emergency systems. Talks about how steps are being made by other buildings to insure nothing similar happens and how it can save lives in the future. Excel is flustered with a mix of surprise, joy, and validation. Egala wants them to go and do some more arson so she could get a little praise.

Excel: Thinking long term, it may be better for the city if we did in fact raze as many of these structures as possible… After all, these are building we won’t need…

Hyatt: this must be what they call “urban renewal,” Senior.

Egala: Right! Let’s get out there and start leveling!

The arson begins. One building, then a bridge over a channel that’s set off by C4(which excel is confused to hear Egala found at the base). They follow with another building, but Excel and Egala get caught in the explosion as they’re stuck inside setting charges and the timer detonates. They barely survive. Kabapu takes an interest in these attacks, though they were all at locations set for demolition anyway.


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