Thursday, January 25, 2007

So What's Going On in Entertainment?

Comics-DC releases big teaser image and I really don't care, though nice Phil Jimenez art. DC also made a hoopla cancelling the Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Not being a purchaser of said comic I have no feelings on the subject. Marvel comics brought back Captain Marvel, but seriously, there's one Captain Marvel and he's at DC comics. There was an X-Men summit for the writers of all the titles, except the flagship book Astonishing. Thus, more of me not really caring. However rumors are slipping of something happening with Rogue and I swear I will be pissed of fif they kill her. ... What am I kididng she'll be back alive in a year if they do that.

Music-Music sucks, but new Skinny Puppy out soon and word of a new Nine Inch Nails CD has me psyched. Also KMFDM and Marliyn Manson but no real excitement really for those. I'll look into them though.

TV-I'm watching for primetime TV. Ugly Betty is pretty good and it was nice to see the show rewarded at the Golden Globes, then again, its nice to see ethnic groups win anything at award shows. I'm watching Scrubs but... I don't know... it doesn't have the same spark as the past seasons thus far. 30 Rock is fun with a great cast, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and others. Heroes is good, though I'm not as into it as others are. Cartoon Network continues to spiral down in quality.

Movies-Academy Awards announced and I really wasn't paying attention. Congrats on the wonderful Little Miss Sunshine being nominated for best picture. As for whats coming out, Smoking Aces looks like fun. Lots of big sequels this year, so far the ony one I looking forward to Pirates of the Carribean 3 and Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. Some other stuff looks good. Honestly, I'm expecting a better year for movies in the terms of things I'll probably see, but about the same in quality as crappy last year.

Is there anything else? Let me know.

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