Monday, January 22, 2007

Ring of Honor in Japan

Congratulations to independent promotion Ring of Honor for continuing to grow and go from being the top American independent promotion to an internationally recognized promotion. Last year the company trekked over the oceans to England for two nights of sell out shows, around 2000 people which was their largest audience. In March they will be making another trip to the UK while in the summer the promotion will be debuting in Japan with two shows, one sponsored by Pro-Wrestling NOAH and the other Dragon Gate.

For non wrestling fans this may not be a big deal but you should know that it is rare for a promotion to ever travel outside it's home country except WWE and now TNA. Even top international promotions like CMLL in Mexico or New Japan stay home. Even if these Japanese shows are going to feature Japanese talent and be helped, financially, they are still Ring of Honor shows.

Also, Morishima is coming to the states. I've only caught one of his matches but I look forward to him fighting Joe and Homicide. Though I wonder how Homicide is going to stand up to a wrestler much larger then him. We'll see.

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