Thursday, December 7, 2006

Doing My Part for the Manhunt(er)

I love me some comic books and one book I'm happy is back is Manhunter. Now, this nice title came these close to cancellation and has just been given a five issue extended run. Depending on the sales, it may live longer than that and I am surely hoping it will.

For those who do not know Manhunter is a DC legacy book, meaning it's an identity that moves on from its originator much like Flash and Green Lantern. The current Manhunter is one Kate Spencer, an attorney who gets tired of seeing villains cheat the justice system. Lifting several confiscated items form police lock up(Darkstars outfit, "new" Batman gauntlets, Mark Shaw's staff) goes out and decides to take the matter into her own hands.

In the course of her 25 issue run she killed Copperhead in her affairs without the mask. Kate's a strong female , battled and tried prosecuting the Shadow Thief, dealt with the Secret Society featuring the likes of Merlyn, Phobia, and Monocle, defended Dr. Psycho in court(before fighting him) and tussled with others. That's not counting her life without the mask. She is a strong female protagonist. A divorcee in her thirties with a young child whose being raised by her ex-husband and his new wife. Her supporting cast features former super villain tech specialist Dylan Battles and DEO officer and DC cult character Cameron Chase. Plus her association with JSA as her associate dates the son of the original Green Lantern, Obsidian, not to mention her own familial ties to that superhero team.

The current arc has Wonder Woman seeking help from Kate as she looks to be formally charged by the USA in the death of Max Lords. Though exonerated in World Court she is still in the same boat. In payment Wonder Woman is helping to train Manhunter and that's only the tip of the iceberg as we continue the plotline of Mark Shaw and a new subplot with Chase which is suppose to handle loose ends from her canceled title from years back.

The title is written b one Marc Andreyko and is currently being drawn by Javir Pina who is putting together his best work thus far with new inker Robin Riggs. Pina's been on the title as a penciller and "finisher" since original artist Jesus Saiz left. Currently DC has been putting several big name/acclaimed artists like Howard Chaykin, Phil Jimenez and others on cover duty for these five issues hoping to push up sales to a respectable point. I Hope it works because I'd hate to see this title go again.

Manhunters a cult fav so much that it was a letter campaign that gave it a five issue extension. It's got support from several creators including Greg Rucka, Joe Casey, Brian Bendis, and Gail Simone(boo!) to name a few. I am asking all you comic fans to grab issue #26 in stores now and take a look at one of the buzz books that is worth your hard earned cash. Manhunter is an amazing title.

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