Sunday, November 10, 1985

About Raven Rilay

Raven Riley (born September 6, 1986), is an American porn star, appearing online and on DVDs. Riley won the top spot on Front magazine's "Top 20 Girls of the Web" and appeared on its March 2007 cover.

An Ohioan, Riley debuted online at age 18. Since then, she has won several awards for her movies and photos. She is mostly of Italian heritage, with some Native American heritage.

With the support of website jaYManCash, of which Riley is part-owner, she started Evil Motion Pictures, whose goal is to break into mainstream horror movie production. Evil Motion Pictures released its first horror porn film starring Riley in November 2007, entitled Succubus.

In May 2008, the owner of jaYManCash announced that the rumors Riley was leaving the adult industry were true . saying "while no official documents have been signed, Raven has communicated that the adult industry is no longer in her future." Riley contacted XBIZ and disputed the rumors and reports: "I am still here and I’m not retired... That was false information that was given." jaYManCash and Riley are engaged in litigation and have an upcoming court date.