Saturday, November 10, 1973

About Jordan Capri

The Lightspeed Media Corporation is a company from Glendale, Arizona, founded in 1999 by Steve Lightspeed, alias of Steve Jones, that operates many Internet pornography Web sites and contracts various models. (There was also a Lightspeed Media, which is a distinct corporation that was acquired by America Online on March 10, 1997.)

Their models include Sweet Devon, Kinzie Kenner, Mandy Lightspeed, Erica Lightspeed, Britney Lightspeed, Brandy Didder, Dirty Aly, XXXRaimi, Tiffany Paris, Stacy Bride, Ronni Tuscadero, and Lacey White.

Steve Jones is the company's Custodian of Records as required by American law 18 U.S.C. 2257. He works to keep his public persona as Steve Lightspeed separate from his private one of Steve Jones. The family moved after area parents learned about his profession and refused to let their children play with his. But Lightspeed said his children do not know about what he, his wife and his mother do. All work for the corporation.

Lightspeed Media is known for organizing lavish parties in the Glendale and nearby Phoenix, Arizona areas with their models and others. Wall Street Journal reporter David Kesmodel wrote, "In the online pornography business, just about everybody has heard of Steve Lightspeed."